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If you are thinking about sealing your driveway for summer, Hanover Sealcoating Services is your best option. This is a benefit for your asphalt driveway that should be done every 2 or 3 years. This will protect it from rain, weather and chemicals. This sealer must be applied in temperatures above 50 degrees, that’s why summer is the best season to do it, for the high temperatures that can be reached during this season. This can be an easy task but it could be very messy if it is not done by professionals. 

If you are planning on sealing your driveway, you should first cut all the grass and weeds it may have on the sides, Sweep the area and maybe you would want to wash the driveway with a hose to remove any loose materials from the crevices. After the driveway is dry, check if by any chance you have grease, oil or gasoline stains. Make sure you remove them with special products or detergent that you can get at hardware stores. Make sure you clean every single stain. If the driveway has no holes or cracks, just by cleaning every stain, will be enough and it will be ready to seal. 

If the driveway has holes and crack, you must repair them by filling them with crack filler or latex filler. Sealant will never be applied if the cracks and holes are not previously repaired. Most fillers need  24 hours to harden. Sometimes you can continue to use the driveway during this time but is a good idea to throw sand over the filling to avoid it sticks on the tires. If you need to cover other types of cracks here you can see some suggestions on which products you can use.


This is used to fill larger cracks. This is similar to tar and is also a good option to fill shallow depressions where water is usually trapped. As said before, the area must be previously cleaned and washed. 


This mix of asphalt and gravel is great to fill potholes. You can buy this product as if you were buying cement, in bags. You should clean the hole and remove all loose material. After that start adding the mixture into the hole until you reach the top.   When you finish filling the hole, cover it with a board or something flat and a good way to flatten the mixture is rolling your car over the board several times. Allow at least 24 hours for the product to dry. When this is dry after 24 hours you can apply the sealer.


This is a coal tar with rubberizing and other compounds. This is often used to fill cracks and produce a surface that is not slippery no matter if it is wet. You can get this product in 5 gallon containers . Each gallon can cover about 300 square feet. We recommend applying the sealant from the end of the driveway nearest to the garage to farthest end. Walk back and forth until the driveway is covered. Make sure you don’t splash sealer on the walls and other surfaces. Tools, gloves, shoes, clothing etc, can be cleaned if they are washed immediately after you finish. Make sure you wash your shoes before going into your house to avoid sealer getting on the furniture floor. 

At Hanover Sealcoating Services, we are experts on doing this kind of job and using these products. If you want an outstanding driveway sealing job, call us today or visit us at to learn more about our services. We are the number one sealing company in Hanover, PA.



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