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Asphalt Crack Sealing Hanover PA

Did you know that it’s possible to double the life of your asphalt? Sure! You just need to have a good maintenance plan and that’s it. Hanover Sealcoating offers you the best asphalt solution. We have been serving the areas around Hanover County for a while, using ultramodern equipment and high-grade materials to seal cracks in pavements.
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Our Process

Our crack repair crew starts by cleaning the damaged asphalt with industrial wire brooms and compressed air. We then fill the debris-free fissures with hot rubberized tar and level off the area. The tar prevents cracks from spreading.

After injecting the substance, we use a coat of black grainy sand to finish. Also called “Black Beauty,” the coating adheres to the top of the rubber and keeps it from sticking to your tires, feet, and any other object that go over it. Additionally, the seal coat strengthens your asphalt surface further and averts future damage.


Your Asphalt Can Last Longer

Crack sealing prevents water from entering the base of your parking lot and driveway. This way, it keeps your surfaces from developing potholes. However, the success of crack sealing heavily relies on the kind and number of cracks your pavement has. That’s where professional counsel comes in.

If you’re planning to extend your pavement’s life, we are the asphalt crack sealing Hanover, PA company you should hire. We can tell when it’s appropriate to seal the cracks. Don’t replace your asphalt before calling Hanover Sealcoating. It could be that the pavement just needs crack sealing to serve you a few more years.

We Seal Cracks Fast

Our highly trained experts use state-of-the-art equipment and high-grade materials to ensure that the process is quick and efficient. In less than 20 minutes, your pavement is ready for traffic! We are the kind of asphalt crack sealing Hanover, PA experts that ensure you’re using your parking lot or driveway the same day we’ve sealed cracks.

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Don’t wait until tiny cracks develop into serious issues that could cost you dearly in the long run. Contact Hanover Sealcoating today and we’ll save you from trouble. We offer high-quality services that all our customers are happy about.

Why We Seal Cracks Early

Crack repair forms a very crucial part of every maintenance plan for asphalt. Even if you laid down your pavement perfectly, there are unavoidable factors that still weaken it, leading to cracking. The moment you recognize the first sign of damage, call a Hanover asphalt crack sealing professional to assist you. Otherwise, you’ll soon see more cracks.

Never underrate the damage that even the tiniest crack can do to your pavement. By permitting water to seep beneath your pavement’s surface, it can lead to a quick erosion of your parking lot and driveway. It’s best to seal the cracks early so as to avoid future problems that may be costly.

We are the most experienced asphalt crack sealing Hanover, PA professionals to call whenever you realize that damage has started on your pavement. Everyone is looking for our services since we have real solutions for their driveway and parking lot’s problems. Call us today for a free estimate.