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Your asphalt surface is meant to serve you for long. Sadly, you’ll have to carry out repairs time and again to keep it in good shape. This requires a lot of work. However, periodic repairs and
routine maintenance ensures that your driveway stays in a usable, safe, and attractive condition.

The precise determination of when you’re supposed to repair your pavement is vital if it’s going to last long. If you don’t do proper timing, serious damages may occur. This means you’ll have
to incur heavy costs to keep your driveway functional and appealing. Here are the 5 major signs that ensure you do the right timing.

1. Crack Formation

As your driveway begins to age, cracks also develop. This is a very common sign that alerts you it’s time to repair the asphalt. Delaying to carry out repairs makes the initial cracks to grow
larger and form a skin that resembles an alligator. When this happens, the only remedy is to replace your driveway. This can be expensive. Of course, there are pavement cracks that may not necessarily require immediate repair.

However, if you notice a quickly widening crack, contact a professional as soon as possible. Filling or patching these kinds of cracks at an early stage can make your driveway last longer.

2. Water Pooling

Water is a major cause of asphalt damage. It enters beneath the surface through cracks and initiates a freeze-and-thaw action. This strains the neighboring asphalt area, causing more damage. Water pooling results from either an uneven surface or poor drainage. Experts can identify the cause and fix the issue.

3. Potholes

Everyone using your driveway finds potholes as an eyesore. Even worse, they’re a safety hazard in that you can stumble in them, resulting in injuries. Potholes can also damage your vehicle. That’s the reason why you should fix such problems early. There are various factors that lead to pothole formation. The most common one is the penetration of water beneath your pavement resulting in freeze-and-thaw action. Potholes can also form due to underground soil expansion and contraction. Either way, filling and sealing up the holes completely can fix the problem.

4. Fading of Surface Color

Exposing your driveway to varying weather conditions can cause its color to fade. UV rays and weathering are the major causes of this phenomenon. Corrosive chemicals can also cause fading or staining. Fortunately, fixing such issues is relatively easy. By simply applying a sealer, your driveway can look as good as new.

5. Warping

Vehicles exert much pressure on your driveway. This can cause your asphalt to warp. How hard it’ll be to fix the problem depends on the extent of the damage. Slight damages require simple
touch-ups, while extensive ones need complete replacement. Call a Professional Repair Company

Worried about repairing your driveway? We can assist you. Hanover Sealcoating has all the driveway repair solutions you could ever need. Whether you just want to seal a small crack or fill up potholes, we have the equipment and skills to do it perfectly and efficiently. Call us today or book an appointment and we’ll give you a free estimate.